The secrets of how to find, attract and keep good people

As a successful trainer, speaker, coach and blue-collar business owner, Hope Stevenson has pretty much seen it all, and fixed it all. This week she talks with us about one of the most important parts of any successful business: hiring and keeping the kind of people that will drive the success of your business for years to come.

Show Notes

[13:50] Blue Collar Proud
[15:00] Groundhog Hunting with Jerry: Remember the Dream
[18:52] CVC Coaching
[19:05] Customer Service Hall of Fame
[19:54] Junk King of Nashville webpage | Facebook | Twitter
[21:12] GIT Nation Facebook Group
[21:50] Guys in Trucks Hall of FameHope Stevenson - Nashville TN - Guys In Trucks
[22:03] Check in with Reality: Hourly + Commission?
[28:47] Have a question for Taylor? Ask away!
[29:05] Hope Stevenson intro
[29:17] Arizona Glass Specialists | Dave Pomeroy
[29:36] CSIA
[29:43] HPBA
[32:52] “Hire for character, train for skill.”
[49:13] Hiring veterans? Check here!
[1:04:25] Biggest mistakes when hiring
[1:08:00] Quote
[1:09:30] Git Nation Facebook Group |
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