The key to successful social media? Be Social!

Social media CAN work for blue-collar service businesses, and the team from Morgan Miller Plumbing are real proof of that! Listen as Jeff Morgan and Tosha Everhart reveal some of the secrets that have made Facebook a central part of their marketing efforts.

Show Notes

14:49 Groundhog Hunting with Jerry: How to Build Rockstars
17:54 CVC Coaching
18:09 Check in with Reality: Keeping Everyone Happy – Have a question you want to ask Taylor? Ask away!
26:43 GIT Facebook Group
27:05 Jeff Miller & Tosha Everhart intro
30:26 Morgan Miller Facebook
33:40 Why they don’t sell on Facebook
1:01:30 Quote
1:03:50 GIT Facebook
1:04:45 Have suggestions? Email us! –
1:05:00 Spark Marketer
1:05:12 Subscribe to our emails
1:05:43 Review us on iTunes

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