Work Hard, Play Harder, and No Peeking!

This week, it’s Guys in Trucks… in KILTS! We interview Ed Hamilton, who owns a Men In Kilts franchise in Houston, and talk about the importance of strong branding, good leadership, going the franchise route, and having a little fun with your work!

Show Notes

[4:20] Guys In Trucks… In Kilts?

Guys in Trucks in Kilts

Carter & Taylor sport their tartans during their interview with Ed Hamilton. Should we be concerned that they enjoyed it so much?

[4:30] GIT Nation Facebook Group
[9:08] Escape Game
[11:04] Groundhog Hunting with Jerry: Tracking Your Business
[15:00] CVC Coaching
[15:25] Check in with Reality: Copyrighting or trademarking?
[22:20] Men In Kilts – Houston
[22:49] Ed Hamilton introduction
[23:18] Taylor and Carter become the Men in Kilts!
[43:33] Quote

Ed Hamilton Quote
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