When it comes to marketing your service business, being social pays!

You’ve got a LOT on your plate as a service business owner, and it’s easy to think of social media as just a big hole where precious time gets wasted. But Caryn Hatcher grew her Junk King Nashville franchise almost exclusively using Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook! Listen this week as she discusses the ways most blue-collar services get it wrong, and how to do it right. Join us!

Show Notes

[9:49] Mike Rowe – please call us!
[22:01] Really, Mike Rowe, call us!
[22:27] Groundhog Hunting with Jerry: Acting or Reacting
[26:28] CVC Coaching
[26:45] Check in with Reality: How Late can I Work My Employees?
[38:06] GIT Nation Facebook Group
[38:30] Guysintrucks.com/reality
[38:49] Caryn Hatcher Introduction
[38:55] Junk King Nashville
[44:20] BNI
[1:01:40] Safe Haven Family Shelter
[1:01:36] Thrift Smart
[1:01:45] Mercy Children’s Clinic, New Hope Academy, African Leadership, Belize Project
[1:02:18] Youth Villages
[1:04:33] Morgan Miller Plumbing
[1:09:34] Quote

Guys In Trucks - Caryn Hatcher Quote
[1:10:41] GIT Nation Facebook Group
[1:11:59] Email us your suggestions!
[1:12:11] Spark Marketer
[1:12:32] Subscribe to our emails!

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