Sometimes personal growth is painful, but worth doing anyway!

This week on the show, it’s Larry Winget! If you get queasy around straight talk, if you can’t handle the truth, if you’d rather blame someone else for any unhappiness in your life, DO NOT listen to this episode. You’ve been warned! All that and much more, coming up right now on GIT.

Show Notes

[23:33] Groundhog Hunting with Jerry: Look through the Windshield, not the Rearview Mirror!
[28:08] CVC Coaching
[28:28] Check in with Reality: Google Updates
[41:49] Larry Winget Intro
[42:17] Grow a Pair: How to Stop Being a Victim and Take Back Your Life, Your Business, and Your Sanity
[44:14] Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life
[1:15:02] Quote
Larry Winget quote
[1:16:14] Larry Winget
[1:18:32] Suggestions? Email us!
[1:18:40] Spark Marketer
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