How to Build a Business From the Dirt Up!

This week on the show we talk with Mark Stoner! He’s in the studio, and we’ve handcuffed him to the chair so that he’ll sit still long enough to tell us about his new book, BLUE COLLAR GOLD: How to build a business from the dirt up. All That and Much more coming up on this episode of GIT.

Show Notes

[2:00] Mark Stoner (again!)
[8:32] Larry Winget
[10:37] Blue Collar Gold: How to Build a Service Business from the DirtĀ Up
[13:37] Failing Forward
[35:24] Ashbusters
[45:31] Blue Collar MillionairesĀ 
[48:05] SirVent Franchising
[50:25] Clay Lamb
[1:08:48] Get in touch with Mark!
[1:09:13] GIT Nation Facebook Group
[1:10:10] Spark Marketer
[1:10:25] Subscribe to our emails!

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