Invest in Your Business by Investing in Training

This week on the show we talk with Rick Vlahos. We preach the importance of education all the time on the show, but there is no one more committed to training and continuing education in the hearth and fireplace industry than THIS guy. All that and MUCH more, coming up on this episode of GIT.

Show Notes

[13:22]  Groundhog Hunting With Jerry: Education
[24:45] CVC Coaching 
[25:10] Rick Vlahos intro
[25:22] Hearth Patio & BBQ Education Foundation
[25:28] National Fireplace Institute
[43:47] “Stop Looking At What You’ve Done, And Look At What You Haven’t”
[52:25] Quote
Rick Vlahos quote
[54:50] GIT Nation Facebook Page
[55:25] Do you have any suggestions for us? Let’s hear them!
[59:07] Spark Marketer
[56:00] Subscribe to our emails!

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