Thanksgiving Show

On this special Thanksgiving episode of Guys in Trucks, Taylor and Carter talk about the importance of gratefulness and share some of the things we are most grateful for. Plus, we’ll hear again from many of the people who helped to make our show happen this year. All that coming up on GIT.

Show Notes

[3:50] Choose To Be Grateful, It Will Make You Happier
[7:28] NBC’s The Voice
[11:09] Brene Brown’s Ted Talk, “The Power of Vulnerability”
[15:43] What are Taylor & Carter grateful for this year?
[31:48] Al Levi, The 7-Power Contractor,
[32:04] Alan Hunter, Hunter Property ServicesI Know Jessica
[32:22] Cam Arnold, Geny Insurance Group – A Division of SouthPoint Risk Advisors
[32:32] Caryn Hatcher, Junk King of Nashville
[32:53] Sheryl Isenhour, CVC Coaching
[33:04] Chuck Roydhouse, Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County, Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)
[33:53] Clay Lamb 009|037, Ask The Chimney Sweep
[34:18] Courtney Blaise, Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee
[34:39] Ed Hamilton, Men In Kilts
[34:53] Ellen Rohr 002|016|036, Business uncomplicated, Life unleashed
[35:37] James Justus, Objective Planning
[35:44] Jeff Morgan, Morgan Miller Plumbing
[36:04] Jerry Isenhour, CVC Coaching
[36:48] Jessica Winn, Show Coordinator, GIT
[36:57] Joe Crisara, Contractor Sales Coach
[38:10] Ken Hayes, Drive Me To Think
[38:22] Kevin Russell, New Buck Chimney Services, Warrior Horse
[38:56] Mark Stoner 001|026, Ashbusters
[39:18] Aaron Blaise, Technical Director, GIT
[39:30] Rick Vlahos, National Fireplace Institute (NFI)
[40:23] Cheri Perry, Total Merchant Concepts
[40:50] Jonathan Sanders, Social Media Manager, GIT
[42:49] GIT Facebook Group
[43:01] Suggestions? Email us at!
[43:16] Spark Marketer
[43:39] Subscribe to our emails!

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