Get off the Cash Flow Roller Coaster with 7 Key Numbers!

This week on the show we talk with Scott Stroud! Forget about complex formulas and never-ending financial analysis – you can run a multi-million dollar service business if you just know 7 key numbers. Want to know what they are? Then you’re in the right place! All that and MUCH more, coming up on this episode of GIT.

Show Notes

[2:12] It’s actually episode #50
[14:17] Groundhog Hunting with Jerry: Somebody’s Gotta Do It!
[24:29] Ellen Rohr 002 | 016 | 036
[25:41] CVC Coaching
[26:08] Scott Stroud intro
[54:52] Cash Flow Engineering
[55:11] Quote
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[57:97] Spark Marketer
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