A Special Guys In Trucks Christmas!

This week on the show – it’s a very special Christmas Episode! So go ahead and put on those fuzzy slippers, throw another log on that warm, cozy fire, pour yourself a glass of something warm and festive, and settle in as Taylor and I bring you a special gift, just for you, GIT Nation, during this most wonderful time of the year.

Twas the night before Christmas and under the house
Crawled John the plumber checking things out
He’d been home with his wife getting ready for bed
When an emergency called & then his wife said
“There might be children there just waiting to see
What wonderful gifts will be under their tree
Though the weather has turned cold with snow
John, you know it’s your job & you have to go”
So he pulled on his coat & kissed her goodnight
And drove through the snow to make it all right
But once he arrived not one light was on
And he wondered out loud if they’d already gone
Then a young man walked out shaking his head
“Thank you for coming” was all that was said
The door was left open so John could walk in
And he saw the water had flooded the den
Quickly John started doing his work
Shutting off the water main with a pull and a jerk
He assessed the damage and knew what to do
Excused himself to call in a crew
Then he saw the two heads attached to four eyes
He had to save Christmas for these two little guys
The calls were made to the people he knew
Who would come right away and do what they do
In the meantime he’d be under the house
Fixing the leak wherever it sprout
As he walked out he heard the dad say
“John’s here now boys it’s going to be okay”.
John fixed the leak and a few other things
Then stopped as he heard other’s arriving
There’s Phillip and Bruce, Rusty and Joe
Mary and Sam all ready to go
Out came the fans and  tools of their trade
Strapping on boots to protect while they wade
“Extracting and drying preventing mold spores
All the while the dog in the corner did snore
John looked at his watch it’s a quarter to 1
It’ll be close but we think we’ll be done
In time for these boys to see what Santa will bring
On a cold and snowy Christmas morning
The machines kept on running it was quite a sight
While the snow kept on falling all through the night
Then around 5 they hauled it all out
And as the door closed they heard the boys shout
The crew stood there looking through the window to see
The boys and their sister around their Christmas tree
The man & the woman looked out from inside
Grateful to all of them so much that they cried
John thanked his friends for coming when called
He’d do the same for them and their cause
Tired as could be John headed straight home
When he got there his wife gave him the phone
One by one each child said in their own special way
What it meant to them that he saved Christmas Day
John’s heart was merry as bells started to ring
And he joined his new friends as they started to sing

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