Turn years of expertise into a profitable new product!

This week on the show we talk with Peter Mehit! If years of experience in your industry has caused you to create a unique product or a process, and you know it could help others as well, then Peter may be able to help you figure out how to bring it to market. All that and MUCH more, coming up on this episode of GIT.

Show Notes

  • Coming Soon: The Blue Collar Proud book
  • Check-In-With-Reality: What can you do when your most skilled or lucrative employee starts playing by his own rules?
  • Peter Mehit
  • Killer Business Plan
  • Want a killer custom business plan? Reach out to Peter at 800-741-8444 or pmehit@custombps.com. Peter’s so cool and groovy he’ll even give you a free e-copy of Killer Business PlanĀ when you reach out!

Quote from guest Peter Mehit - Guys In Trucks Show

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