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The Blue Collar Proud Business Pledge

I pledge to build and run my business the Blue Collar Proud Way:

  1. I will work hard to become the strong leader my employees, customers and community need me to be.
  2. I will establish and protect a company culture that attracts success instead of undermining it.
  3. I will strive to always communicate our core values, to lead and live by them every day.
  4. I will lead, communicate and serve with a greater purpose, and invite those around me to share in this purpose.
  5. I will keep our company’s mission clear and visible so my employees will always know where we are going and what we are becoming.
  6. I will empower my employees to help me create a better company, because I realize they are the key to everything I want in my business.
  7. I will commit to ever-better customer service, so that we can be proud of the way we take care of our community.
  8. I will commit to achieving operational excellence, so that I can be proud of a business that runs smoothly without me.
  9. I will commit to maintaining financial health, so that our company can continue to proudly take care of employees, their families and our community.
  10. I will conduct business in a way that makes my existing customers and employees my best sales and marketing.

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