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If you’re in a truck-based, home services industry of any kind, you’re in the right place. Listen every week as hosts Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill interview experts in your industry, and find the gold nuggets that will help you build the dream business you have always wanted to have.

It’s our 100th episode!

Whoa! We made it to 100! Thank you to everyone who’s been with us on this journey and let us be a part of their journey. We’re on a mission to make the next 100 episodes even better for you, so get ready, because we’re getting deeper and more focused!
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Leadership is growing so we can help others grow.

Today on the BCP Show we talk with John Meredith. With 30 years of business experience and a huge heart for helping small business owners succeed, John is here to share with us a little about his own journey, and what it means to be a servant leader.
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Listen to this lawyer so you can avoid this lawyer!

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Alex Umansky. Employee rights issues can mean big problems for small businesses. Alex tells us the biggest mistakes he commonly sees as an attorney, and how to avoid having to face someone like him in court!
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Clarity, mindset, and the fight for success

Today on the BCP Show we talk with host of The Contractor Fight podcast, Tom Reber. The success that every business owner wants has little to do with the stuff we can’t control, and has everything to do with the stuff that’s in our head. That’s right, the game is lost or won in the space between your ears.
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How to calm an angry person in 90 seconds or less!

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Doug Noll. If you’re in business, then you know that sometimes conflict is unavoidable. But whether that conflict is with an employee or a customer, it doesn’t have to spiral out of control. You have more power to de-escalate than you might realize.
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Sometimes what you think you want, isn’t.

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Christian Devlin. It’s a story about starting over in the plumbing industry, and growing it blue collar proud the second time around. This is the quintessential story about taking the lemons life deals you, and making sweet lemonade!
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Want to be all you can be?

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Darin Bibeau. You don’t go from Coast Guard Special Ops to owning multiple industry-leading manufacturing companies without knowing a few things about how to become everything you can be in life.
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Time isn’t the problem, YOU are!

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Chad Cooper. If you catch yourself saying things like, “I’m so busy I need two of me to get it all done!,” or “There just aren’t enough hours in the day,” then this episode is sure to give you a very liberating new perspective.
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This episode really goes to the dogs!

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Bennie Copeland. If you’ve spent any time around a dog trainer, then you know they understand something about communication that not everyone gets. But what do they know about employees? And leadership? Well, let’s find out!
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Offer a service people want, then take care of them!

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Alex Nickens. This young man started a lawn care business and is growing it using social media and video. No matter where you are in your own business journey, you’ll recognize part of yourself in Alex’s story, and probably learn some things, too!
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