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Business success: What does it take?

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Chuck Hall. Successful business owners all have one thing in common: None of them just woke up one morning and magically found themselves exactly where they wanted to be. Business ownership is hard work, and Chuck helps us see what it takes.
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What is the new consumer’s buying mindset for products and services?

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Tim Reed. It’s a wide ranging and sharp conversation about products, services, technology, sales, marketing, consumers, business leadership, and Millennials.
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Quit paying the hidden costs of physical pain!

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Jim Sweeney. Have you settled for living with chronic pain? Have you just accepted it as part of the job? What about your employees? And what is the cost to your business when people are not operating at peak performance?
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The wise owner learns what she can from every source available.

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Andrea Hughes. If you’re blue collar, you may not think that the corporate world can teach you anything; but if you’re committed to growing something you can be proud of, then you’re willing to learn from any source. Andrea has experience in both worlds and is here to tell us the lessons she’s learned.
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Is your business relying on miracles or a plan for growth?

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Peter Mehit. Does your business have a written plan? Do you have your hands on the steering wheel and know where you are going, or are you just strapped to the side of a rocket, hoping for the best? Your answer to that question could determine whether you ever reach your business dreams.
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Is there a manual for success? YES!

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Al Levi. Don’t you wish life came with an operating manual? What about parenting? I doubt we’ll ever see those, but you CAN have an operations manual for your business – you just have to write it first.
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BEER! A fine blue collar tradition.

Today on the BCP Show we’re gonna drink beer and talk with Head Brewer Sean Jewett about the beverage of choice for blue collar AND white collar people. That’s right, this golden elixir is a uniter, not a divider.
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This owner’s dream is fashioned from 100% reclaimed wood!

Today on the BCP Show we talk with business owner Dave Puncochar. He started his company in his garage, and today he’s turning out beautiful custom furniture and art from reclaimed wood. It’s an inside look at a real blue collar business dream.
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Your success tomorrow comes from your story today!

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Deb Krier. Deb believes you need to step back, take a deep look at all the parts and people in your business, and then ask yourself, “What is the story we are telling the world?” The answer to that question is everything.
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Meet the Blue Collar Heroes of Flint, Michigan

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Barbara Higgens and Harold Harrington. The city of Flint, Michigan has been in the news for its water crisis and political scandal, but these two heroes are changing that story, by doing good with what they have.
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