The Plumber’s Wife talks about the art of “the ride along”

Ellen Rohr tells us how everything she learned about business, she learned while riding shotgun in the truck with her husband the plumber. And what she has learned is truly amazing. Listen to this week’s episode as she describes how “the ride along” can change your business, your perspective, and your employee relationships.

Show Notes

Chuckie - Nashville TN - Guys In Trucks

Chuckie the Groundhog

[2:05] Statistic Brain – Resolutions
[11:59] Groundhog Hunting with Jerry: Origins of the Segment
[15:26] CVC Coaching
[15:43] Customer Service Hall of Fame
[16:00] Morgan Miller Plumbing
[19:02] Check in with Reality: Call Center Dispatch?
[24:40] Have a question for Taylor? Ask away!
[25:36] Ellen Rohr Intro
[26:16] Books by Ellen: Where Did the Money Go, How Much Should I Charge, The Bare Bones Biz Plan, The Bare Bones Weekend Biz Plan
[26.25] Zoom Drain and Sewer, LLC
[40:34] The Perfect Ride-Along How-toEllen Rohr - Nashville TN - Guys in Trucks
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[1:10:34] Freebie
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