Housecall Pro Special Episode

Today’s mini-episode of the Blue Collar Proud Show is a little different. For the first time we’ve partnered with an outside company to teach you about a product that we think will help solve a lot of your problems.

Housecall Pro can help you manage your technicians and fleet of trucks while they’re in the field, keep you on top of the numbers and know what’s going on with your staff, and automate your payment processes because who really wants to have to chase down those unpaid invoices? Check out the mini-episode to hear personal recommendations from Carter and Taylor who have tested their fair share of field software. To be clear, we have been paid for this content but regardless we would never recommend or promote product we weren’t 100% behind.

If you want to check out how Housecall Pro can help your business, click here to get 20% off courtesy of the BCPShow.

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