Living your business dream means embracing it all – the good AND the bad.

When you set out to build your dream business, it’s easy to only think in terms of what YOU want out of it. But Clay Lamb talks with us about how giving of yourself in service to others – even when things are tough – is what creates real meaning for your life, your employees, your customers, and your business. This is a heart-felt conversation you don’t want to miss!

Show Notes

[18:01] Groundhog Hunting with Jerry: Building The Enthused Customer
[19:22] Ellen Rohr interview
[21:48] CVC Coaching
[22:04] Customer Service Hall of Fame
[23:00] Aaron Herring, Herring Pest Solutions
[30:33] Have a Hall of Fame story? Submit it here.
[31:04] Clay Lamb intro
[32:03] Home Contractors HQ
[32:18] Ask The Chimney Sweep
[32:29] Our mission to educate, encourage, and mentor.
[33:04] Mix Group (Management Information Exchange)
[37:28] Hope Stevenson interview
[38:11] Training Videos
[48:35] American Chimney
[48:49] Surrounding yourself with people smarter than you.
[51:20] Letting go and delegating so your business can grow.
[58:12] “Just don’t quit.”
[1:02:40] Mary Kay Ash, Mary Kay Cosmetics
[1:02:49] Quote
Guys In Trucks - Clay Lamb Quote
[1:04:27] Guys In Trucks Facebook Page|Facebook Group
[1:05:13] Doug Hetsch, All American Chimney Service
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