Your success tomorrow comes from your story today!

Today on the BCP Show we talk with Deb Krier. Deb believes you need to step back, take a deep look at all the parts and people in your business, and then ask yourself, “What is the story we are telling the world?” The answer to that question is everything.

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Russell Moore gave us our first ever BCP Facebook Group Post of the Week. Head to the Facebook group and check out the video he shared! While you’re there, tell us about some of the weird jobs you’ve had – we want to hear from you!

If you still haven’t read it, head to Amazon and check out our book, Blue Collar Proud. You can grab a free chapter here. Spoiler: The audio version of Blue Collar Proud will be available soon.

From the Front Lines:
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Check in with Reality:
The power of a positive attitude – NY Times

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